• It begins with the beans.

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Meridian Midnight Koffee Ko.

Meridian Midnight Koffee is a family-owned Texas based small-batch koffee roastery. I have relationships with koffee farmers that produce the most flavorful beans to date. I roast my own hand-krafted whole bean koffee here locally. We like to say around here “farm-to-kup”. Which means you will have the freshest roasted beans, from the most reliable source possible...straight from the farm to your kup. I am deeply dedicated to kustomer service and your happiness is my happiness. Your koffee is guaranteed freshly prepared with kare, roast-to-order. Grinding service available. Thank you for you business!

Meridian Midnight Koffee Ko.

Spotlighted Koffee ~ “Costa Rica Tarrazu”

Happy Camper

My go-to coffee brand. Keeps me going, on our family camping trips!

Mike Rowland


I love the fact that this coffee is freshly roasted. You can't get any fresher than that.

Thomas Spriggs

My fave...

Meridian Midnight is a Great Texas Coffee. I have referred all my co-workers to this establishment and now they are hooked. The flavor and smoothness are extremely unique.


5 Stars

I give this coffee or "koffee" 5 stars out of 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!

Felix Morales